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4-Fo-Rela's  Exchange Movement
What is Rela-Exchange? Rela-Exchange is a new digital music symbol and universal icon used by music lovers and creators all around the world.  The Rela-Exchance symbol is not a symbol for material it is an icon for its creators and music followers. Unite individual talent,skills,hardwork,and studies with Rela-Exchange.
You can get involved immediately. What is the cause? Please donate to Rela-Exchange so we can create public facilities for our future artist and creators of music. 4-Fo-Rela Entertainment would like to impact communities in music study, web solutions, advertising, and the Exchange (Rela-Exchange) of music and information to futher educate our future in music. Don't wait any longer lets unite and spread the word. Simply click on the: "What is Your Phantom? Tab" at the top of the page. Simply create your phantom profile and share this unversal icon and opportunity with your friends and family.   Come join a great group of hard working artist.


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